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Title: FollowMe: Family Location Tracker (GPS Phone Locator) Cracked IPA
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FollowMe keeps you informed about the location of your loved ones. Typical use includes receiving instant push notifications when - Your p...
FollowMe keeps you informed about the location of your loved ones.

Typical use includes receiving instant push notifications when
- Your partner leave or reach their office
- Your kids leave school or reach home or any other location

*Downloaded worldwide in more than 40 countries*

Main Features
- Follow your family or friends
- Now available on other mobile platforms as well. Check our website for more info
- Using geofencing add custom locations where you want to follow them
- Receive push notifications when your family or friend enters or exit a location
- Runs in the background
- Auto check-ins when you enter or leave a location, no need to check-in manually
- View last 3 days or last 30 notifications
- View a snapshot of where each of your family member is.
- View recent locations on the map along with detailed track they followed
- View detailed information such as how far a person is from their last location, how much time they have spent, what was their travel time etc.

Locations can be an office, school, station, home, shopping centre or any area you want to follow.

Other Features

Optimized battery usage
We use special algorithm to reduce battery usage. Location services are automatically switched to stationary mode when the user hasn't moved for a few minutes

Real Time
Receive Real Time push notifications

Auto Check-in
No need to check-in manually, when you enter or leave a location the app checks you in automatically and all the people following you get notified instantly

We take privacy very seriously. Anyone who wants to follow you will ask for your permission before they can follow you.
We don't access your Phone Contacts, so it's completely private and secure between you and the person you are following.

No Ads
We don't display any ads, saving you from distractions

Unlimited Location Alerts(Geofences)
You can set as many location alerts as you want

We provide full support if you have any query. We read every query and try our best to update the app with all your suggestions. You can submit feature requests on https://followmeapp.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/ or through the app

We use secured servers throughout

Getting started guide and feedback

- This app needs to be installed on the phone of the person you want to follow
- The app allows you to follow up to 10 people
- Continued usage of location services running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life



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